Does a non-tech enterprise like an insurance company need an engineering culture?

In a world increasingly shaped by digitalization, the adoption of a strong engineering culture is becoming more critical for non-tech enterprises. The increased complexity cannot be handled in the requirements and engineering process simply by managing a backlog with epics and user stories aimed at quickly developing and launching a minimum viable product. Established companies face the challenge of integrating new products and improving highly complex processes within their complex application landscapes and systems architectures, aiming for sustainable maintenance, continuous development, and operation.

Model-Based Requirements and Software Engineering (MBSE) is not just an option in this context but a categorical imperative. MBSE is the key to managing complex requirements and ensuring quality and consistency throughout the engineering process. This enables large companies to balance agility and pragmatism with the thoroughness and foresight needed to secure long-term and sustainable success.

The gap between the adaptive dynamics of a startup and the established structure of a large corporation is significant. Therefore, the engineering approach must be carefully tailored to meet specific corporate goals while remaining innovative.


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